Sierra + Sage

I had the opportunity to take some photographs of Sierra and her lease, Sage, on their last day together.

They accomplished so much during their two year partnership, including 3rd place in the Beginner Novice Rider division at the 2017 American Eventing Championships and being awarded the US Eventing Association 2017 Beginner Novice Intercollegiate Rider of the Year. Sage, whose registered name is Indian Summer Sage, a Connemara/Thoroughbred cross, won the American Connemara Pony Society's 2018 Beginner Novice Connemara Pony of the Year.

While I am so sad for Sierra that it was their time to part, I was so honored to help her capture some sweet memories of their time together.

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Weekend Recap: 11/30-12/2

We had a fantastic first weekend in December! I actually managed to remember to take some pictures, so here we go:

I kicked it off Friday by taking pictures of Sierra and Sage. Friday was Sierra's last day leasing Sage, so she wanted to capture some sweet memories. I can't wait to post my favorites from the album I sent her!

After coming home from the farm where Sage is, Harrison made it to Raleigh and we went out for a date night at the Raleigh Beer Garden. We met up with Chloe and her boyfriend for a little, then visited Varsity House for the first time in forever. I didn't get any pictures from Friday night, but we were up early Saturday to head to tailgate! Harrison and I hadn't been to a game at all this season, so we were thankful NC State and ECU decided to make up their missed games from Hurricane Florence in September. It was so nice to see everyone. Tailgates for noon games are a struggle, but it was made better by AGR's resident chef, Anthony's, delicious breakfast!

Cassie and a few of her friends came to hang out at tailgate, which was a lot of fun!

Chloe came to the game with us and got to experience the very end of tailgate. The game itself was a blowout (as expected), and NC State walked away with a 58-3 win. #ECwho? We left during halftime when the rain set in.

We spent some time at Varsity House after the game. Needless to say, everyone was exhausted. Harrison left early Sunday morning to compete in the Young Farmers & Ranchers Discussion Meet at the NC Farm Bureau Annual Meeting in Greensboro. I headed up there after church to catch his final opening round. He didn't make it to the finals, but I was so proud of him! We had a nice supper and then headed to Clayton and Statesville.


What a super-full and super-fun weekend it was!


Meet 288!

I pretty much knew all along that Harrison and I were going to get married, and that when we did I would move to Statesville. I'll write more on my thoughts on moving later, but it is both something that I just accepted and was excited for. Four years in college and away from the farm was about all Harrison could take!

Soon after we got engaged, we started thinking about where we would live. Enter 288. 

Harrison's parents had a rental house that was occupied at the time, but that they would let us buy from them when the time came. After some discussion, Harrison and I determined that would be the best path for us to take... even though I had never seen the inside! We drove by it occasionally while their renters were still there and we even took some trees down ahead of time. When the renters left, I finally got to see the inside of the 1967 ranch-style brick house and I just knew that I needed to take some pictures so I could write about its transformation once we got started on it! 

Pretty much everything in it was original- from the counter tops to the green kitchen sink to the blue master bath (wait until you see it!). I started brainstorming on the spot, thinking of what we could do and how much some fresh paint would elevate the looks. I'll talk some about our plans below, but mainly I wanted to get some before pictures posted. It's always great to be able to look back from where you came! I'll write in more detail about plans later.

With some landscaping and new shutters, I see some serious curb appeal waiting to shine through!

(Disregard the awful looking yard- we took down a few trees and are waiting to get the stumps ground down and seed the yard.) 

As I write this, we have started on the kitchen remodel! We wanted to get rid of the peninsula counter to open up the dining area some. The wood paneling will be getting a fresh coat of paint, too!

There are some things I love about the living room- the hardwoods are beautiful and the picture window lets in a ton of light! That fan, though... it is a behemoth.

We started priming the walls to paint them and even that has brightened it up so much. We are looking forward to getting new light fixtures, too.

The soap holder and towel bars on the wall feel so antique, ha! 

Taking up the linoleum is first order of business. We have fun plans coming for the bathroom situation!

Y'all. This bathroom. Straight out of the 1960s. My biggest question... where in the WORLD did they get a blue toilet???? (Fun fact: none of the bathrooms have outlets in them.)

There are a few rooms I left out because there wasn't much to see. I can't wait to post updates with what we're working on. Having God provide us with a place to live after we get married is such a blessing. Harrison and I are so excited to be homeowners and to be able to make our little house into a home that reflects our personalities and relationship. Cheers to 288!


Our Engagement Photos

I just realized I had never posted these here, even though we've had them over two months now!

We hired Rachel with Rachel Elisabeth Photography for our engagement and wedding photos. I had chatted with her over the phone, but Harrison and I met her for the first time when she came to his house for our engagement session. She is fantastic and the second I hugged her in the driveway, I knew that we had made the best choice! She was a trooper riding around in the truck to the locations we had in mind. It was HOT, but thankfully sweat doesn't really show up on camera!

Between the big, white plantation house that left us with serious The Notebook vibes, to the more dressed down cow pasture, we are so extremely happy with how these turned out! This is honestly only a small sample of the ones Rachel sent us, and it was so hard to narrow it down. The full album is on my Facebook!