Hey y'all! I'm Taylor and I'm so glad you stopped by my little corner of the internet. I graduate in May 2017 from North Carolina State University with a degree in Animal Science. I'm one of the many failed pre-vet attempts, although it was definitely not a failure in my book. It was there that I discovered my passion for agriculture and the industry beyond veterinary medicine, as important as it might be. A large part of my identity now is grounded in agriculture and is expressed through discussions on swine waste management systems (read: poop) and reproductive efficiency of dairy cows (read: anatomical terms), as well as a severe disdain for Chipotle (read: here).

In a former life (a long, long 4 months ago) I enjoyed driving around Downtown Raleigh at midnight and eating Cookout at 2 AM. Ahh, the perks of college. Today, I have embraced the perks that come with adulthood, including going to bed at 10 PM and realizing my metabolism isn't what it was when I was a sophomore. I'm working for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State- a job I was so blessed to get! I thoroughly enjoy working for the university. An added perk? I get to start working on my Master's in Agriculture Education for free! (No, I don't want to be a teacher.) Graduate student life, coming in January 2018.

I realize I'm talking a lot, which I really enjoy, but I also really enjoy pictures! I feel like they tell the story of my life better than I do.

This is Sailor and Harrison. They both love me even when I'm grumpy and go on adventures with me. So I guess they're pretty cool.

Can you tell we're a family that loves Lilly? Besides my dad. Poor Dad, he's quite outnumbered in his own house.

I have quite the collection of pictures with livestock. They make my heart happy.

I also like the beach/coast and Wolfpack football a lot. A LOT a lot. How much is a lot, you ask? I was one of the few who braved Hurricane Matthew to watch them play Notre Dame. Best game EVER.

And that's a bit more about me! If you've made it this far, God bless you, because not even Harrison listens to me ramble anymore. You'd think my dog would be a better example, but she never listened to me in the first place.

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