Five on Friday: Vol. 2

Happy Friday, friends! My weeks always seem to go by fast and slow at the same time. On one hand, I'm exhausted from this week, but on the other hand, it seems like I was just leaving the other day to go to Emerald Isle- not a whole seven days ago!

Nonetheless, I'm getting geared up for a weekend of organizing and cleaning before a 4 day week! Here are 5 things that I'm loving this week.

ONE // How I'm planning on running out of the office at 6 PM today!

Frosted knows how to celebrate the weekend! How cute is this video- one of my favorite racehorses of current times, too!

TWO // Tomato Sandwiches

Mater sandwich t-shirt
Really I'm just dreaming of lunch right now, because that's what I brought today, but how can anyone turn down a tomato sandwich in the summertime? We live off them at the beach. Simple to make and the perfect light lunch, the cultivars and brands of ingredients to use can be debated. Typically you see Wonder bread, Duke's mayonnaise, and a German Johnson tomato. My opinion? I'll take what I can get. Any brand of fluffy, soft white bread, a perfectly ripe, bright read tomato, and plenty of mayonnaise. Plus salt and pepper. 

Our State Magazine's take on the Southern summer staple!

THREE // Saltwater Gospel x Eli Young Band

I'm love-love-loving this song right now. Playing it as you drive on the bridge over the Bogue Sound, connecting Cape Carteret with Emerald Isle? Pure bliss. Deeper than that, it encapsulates how I feel at the beach. Few places make me feel closer to God than when I stand in front of the ocean.

FOUR // Flip Flops Donut Shop

This adorable donut shop is just before the Bogue Inlet Pier on Emerald Isle. They're open from 6 AM until whenever their supply runs out! We have made a tradition of going a few mornings when we are at Emerald Isle each summer. We hop on our bikes around 7:30 and cruise the 4.5 miles down the island to the shop! I love supporting local businesses, especially when they're as sweet as this one!

FIVE // 10 Ways to Plan a Successful Day

I pinned this on Pinterest earlier this week and now I have it printed out and taped to my mirror! There is not a single tip on this list that I disagree with, but there are a few that I'm committing myself to work on- namely getting enough sleep. 

And with that, have an awesome weekend and I'll be back on Monday!

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