Be Authentic

I used to be completely enchanted with the blogging world. I religiously read around 15 blogs and really tried to embrace the lifestyle. There was a point where I was blogging and attracting a bit of attention, and it probably had potential to go somewhere. I couldn't find it in myself to stick with it, though. And I always wondered why. After all, I love to write down my thoughts and it was really neat to see people coming back to read each week.

The more I think about it, and the more I think about and learn about the blogging world (well, the blogging industry, now, really), the more I understand why I couldn't find it in me to actually grow my blog way back when. I can't even remember the name of it- and that should tell you something.

I was essentially trying to fit myself into an equation. Write like that + post this kind of pictures x have this style - saying anything too deep = successful blog. I lost my passion for it because I was squeezing into what I "should" be, what I needed to be to get page views.

I read relatively few blogs today. Mostly because, and this will sound harsh, they are so insincere. Oh did you see that Blogger A went to Nantucket? No? Well Blogger B did, as well, so you're not missing much. And so did Blogger C and D and E and ...

I try really hard to read blogs where the writer has passions aside from the latest surprise sale and getting paid to sit on the beach and wear a certain swimsuit. Don't get me wrong, of the few blogs that I love, most of the girls still have sponsored content- and that's okay! Not every post is an #ad and they actually give you insight into their everyday life.

I can tell which of the blogs I have bookmarked are the ones with substance because they're the one I never find myself skipping over, always reading for new content. I hope to write so that whatever readers I have, if any, feel like they're getting something from this little space on the internet. I want to reach people on a level that is higher than "ohhh loooook at this shirt!!! it is $97.58 and perfect and click this link so I get commission on it!!!!!"

I hope I don't sound mean or rude or disapproving of the way that some bloggers make a living. I respect it and I respect the people that enjoy those blogs. I have a feeling, though, that there are a lot of people like me who just want a little more from the blogging world.

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