23 BEFORE 23

Ahh, goal setting. Something that I'm am actually terrible at. For the Type-A perfectionist I am, I can really lack vision and direction sometimes. I'll attribute that to my procrastinator side.

Last July, I made a 101 in 1001 list. It was a fun list to make and a great idea in theory, but after a year, I'm realizing that it just didn't pan out the way I wanted it to. Harrison is very excited about helping me cross stuff off the list, and I am, too, but I think there are a few reasons it hasn't motivated me the way I wanted it to.

First of all, the 1001 days makes for an uncertain deadline. It's very clear, but when I think about 1001 days, I'm not entirely sure when that it. I had to keep looking at when it was supposed to be finished. I like having clear cut deadlines, and if it's not simple math, it's not sticking with me.

101 is a great number and paired with 1001, it makes for a cutesy title. Honestly, though, it's just plain overwhelming. 101 things is a lot of things, even for almost 3 years. I couldn't remember 25% of the goals I had on the list. It also opened the door for a lot of "filler" goals. Ones that really don't impact me that much, but that I put on there to get to 101. I'm all about simplifying this year, and that includes the goals I have set.

Therefore, I'm transitioning to a new list: 23 Before 23! I originally started with 25 Before 25, but that's still a ways off and I wanted a date that is a little closer in sight. I'll have a little over a year to accomplish 23 goals- I work better under a little pressure, anyway!

Before I set out my upcoming goals, I want to review what I did accomplish from my 101 in 1001 goals. I actually did accomplish a few things- exciting things at that!

#2 // Move into a big girl apartment.
I will be moving into an apartment with my friend Connor this weekend! It hasn't happened yet, but the lease is signed!

#4 // Get a puppy.
Sweet Sailor has been in my life for right at a year now and it has been a fun ride!

#9 // Apply for grad school.
This will be happening before the year is up! I'm going to be attending NC State for a Masters of Agriculture Education!

#11 // Purchase a new lens for my camera.
I bought a 55-250mm lens for my Canon T3i the other day and it has been so much fun so far!

#22 // Vote in a presidential election.
And a controversial one at that...

#27 // Get my hunting license.
I got a few hunting trips in last fall for deer (unsuccessful) and dove (very successful)!

#28 // Get my concealed carry permit.
I took the class in June and have applied for it, so I'm just waiting on the sheriff's office to get it approved!

#31 // Begin a retirement plan.
Perks of an adult job, I guess?

#36 // Graduate from college.
NC State University Class of 2017!

#40 // Start collecting something.
Buying coffee mugs from my favorite places I visit has been a lot of fun!

#52 // Learn how to play chess.
Good thing I didn't say "learn how to play chess well."

#55 // Get back on a horse.
I got to ride a Tennessee Walker in the 2017 NC State 4-H & FFA Horse Judging contest!

#62 // Have 4 digits in my savings account balance.
Thank you to graduation and a real-world job.

#74 // Go to Britt's Donuts.
Not included in this was go to Britt's Donuts and terrify my tiny puppy because of the fireworks going off right above our heads.

#92 // Make a video of a trip I take.
Charleston was a ton of fun! Check out the video here (it's really horrible quality)!

See, it wasn't a total failure! I'm happy with what I did accomplish from that list, but I need to make a change without it seeming like I'm giving up. Goals are all about adjustment anyway, right?

This post is long enough already, so click here to read my 23 Before 23 goals! Some are modifications of my 101 in 1001 list, or they are taken straight from it. Some are new, too! Most of them, you'll notice, are a lot less focused on buying and acquiring. Instead, I chose to focus on ways to simplify and improve my life and relationships with the people I love.

What goals do you have set for yourself? Would you make a 23 Before 23 list (or 24, or 25, or 26)?

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