Friday Favorites #1

Time for another Friday Favorites, where I round up my favorite things that I've come across this week! I've got a little bit of everything going on... What are you loving on this beautiful Friday?

To Read
+ The Day I Stopped Loving My Boyfriend So Much
+ Cow Reality vs. Chipotle Reality

To Watch
+ Madison Kocian's uneven bars routine earned a 15.866 - the highest individual bars score at the 2016 Olympics

To Buy
+ Jack Roger's has a pretty good sale going on, including their Lauren sandal and the classic Jacks in a ton of different colors!

To Listen
+ The Sound x The 1975 - such a fun song!

Happy weekend! xoxo Taylor


Bright Leaf

There are some evenings when the sun is setting and everything is gorgeous and golden that you just have to drive around. The other day I hopped in the car, turned on some music, and went for a drive. Passing the acres of tobacco fields that dot Johnston County, I couldn't help but think how iconic and important it is to my area. I found a little area to pull off the road, and since I almost always have my camera with me, I decided to snap a few pictures of the crop. 

(Did you know that North Carolina is the number 1 producer of tobacco in the country, and Johnston County is the number 1 producer in the state?)



This past weekend, I was blessed enough to get to go on a little getaway to Charleston with Harrison, Sam, and Anthony. Charleston is one of my absolute favorite places and I was so excited to get to go there with some of my best friends. This post is pretty photo heavy (even though I forgot my DSLR)!

Charleston is lively without being overwhelming -- church steeples are the tallest thing in town! There is so much to see... not to mention to buy and eat! We walked a lot, ate a lot, and overall had a wonderful time!

Friday we got there around 1:30 and immediately went to grab lunch at Toast. I had the fried green tomato BLT and it was incredible! After lunch we went back to the hotel to change and went back into town to explore! Stores close pretty early, so Friday evening we moreso walked around and planned out what we wanted to do on Saturday. We ate dinner at Hyman's Seafood, which is a staple in Charleston. I thought it might be a little touristy, and even though it kind of was, it was still delicious! We had an appetizer that was grits, fried green tomatoes, parmesan sauce, and cheese and WOW. It was probably one of our favorite things we ate that trip. We burned off some of those calories by walking to see Rainbow Row (worth seeing if you're nearby, a little underwhelming if you walk all over town to see it) and along the battery. The battery is gorgeous and even though it was a little hot, it was so nice to just leisurely walk and look at the boats and houses. We ended up at 1 King Street and realized our car was parked at 560 King Street. Needless to say, we Uber-ed back. We went to the beach at Sullivan's Island that night. We went on the beach right beside the lighthouse and we watched some cargo ships that we had seen in port head out to sea.

The next morning we were up bright and early for our 9 am reservations at Poogan's Porch. We loved how the restaurant was in an old house (built in 1888!) that was bright yellow with bright haint blue porch ceilings. We sat upstairs and it was the perfect brunch atmosphere! They were the 2015 winners of the best shrimp and grits in Charleston, and while Sam, Anthony, and Harrison went for it, I picked chicken and waffles. We had a fried pimento cheese appetizer that was incredible! The shrimp and grits were pretty good, but I was very pleased with my choice of chicken and waffles!

After brunch, we went to King Street to shop! Sam and I were obviously in hog heaven, but the boys were a little less than thrilled. I can't tell you how many times they said "Oh look, we're going into another store that y'all won't buy anything in." Ha! I made quite a few purchases, including these printed Lilly Pulitzer shorts in Multi Island Time and this Kendra Scott necklace from Bevello. One of my favorite stores that we ventured into was one Sam found online before we went down to Chucktown. It was called Candlefish and they have a library of over 100 scents! I got no. 58 (lemon, orange, and sugar) and got my mom no. 88 (lemon, tulip, and musk). Both smell incredible!

Later that afternoon we went on a carriage ride! I've always wanted to do one and I was so excited that the boys planned one for us. Franklin toted us around the residential neighborhoods in Charleston (don't worry, he's very well taken care of!) and with the exception of a slight startle at a little UHaul trailer, he was the perfect host. We went to eat at Low Country Bistro afterwards and I went with the shrimp and grits there. They were so good! The others said they were better than the ones at Poogan's Porch (shhh, don't tell!). After dinner, we took pictures by the pineapple fountain and just enjoyed talking and strolling around parts of town we hadn't seen before -- and revisited some of our favorites! We stopped by Folly Beach, but didn't stay long as there was a storm rolling in.

We left early the next morning with lots of new memories and pictures! I made a video inspired by Carly's Ireland video. The quality is pretty bad but it was still a lot of fun to make!

xoxo, Taylor


101 in 1001 Update #1

Wow, there are a lot of 1's in that title! I decided that each month I'll do a recap of how I'm coming along on my 101 in 1001 list! It hasn't been a full month yet (I started on July 14th), but doing it at the beginning of each month will help keep me accountable... plus I was just really excited to recap what I've done so far!

I've started on/completed 6 of my goals already, which is really shocking to me! It seems like so many, but in the grand scheme of things, I still have 95 more to go. I'm excited and even though I know some of them will be more difficult to achieve, I'm going to have fun trying!

1. Create a list of 101 things! | I know this one was cheating a little bit, but I wanted at least one that I could cross off easily to get me rolling! (7/14/16)

4. Get a puppy! | I honestly wasn't expecting to get this one done so quickly! I've been wanting a dog for a while now and was really itching to get one senior year of college. I'll write more on her later, but the stars aligned and I am now the owner of a beautiful little Beagle named Sailor! (7/23/16)

92. Make a video of a trip I take | This one was a lot of fun. After seeing Carly's Ireland video, I knew I wanted to do one myself. I decided that the trip to Charleston I took with three friends would be perfect to try. I used my old digital camera to film, and even though the quality isn't great, I thought it was a cool little recap of things we saw and did! I'll post the video when I recap the trip soon! (Charleston 7/29-31/16)

53. Go to 10 concerts | I'm a fifth of the way done with this one, thanks to my adventurous friends who are always willing to do things! I've been to Dierks Bently and Gwen Stefani since starting this list! Dierks was INCREDIBLE and Gwen Stefani was a TON of fun! Sam graciously got us VIP tickets, so we sat in a box and I don't think anyone had more fun with it than the boys did! (Fun fact: Gwen Stefani and Akon were my first concert in 2006!) (Dierks Bently 7/22/16, Gwen Stefani 7/24/16)

71. Try 10 new restaurants in Raleigh | This is definitely going to be one of my favorites to complete... Harrison and I went to Raleigh Times and it was really good! I had friends that went there for drinks on their 21st birthdays and they had said good things about it. I got a pulled pork burrito and I'll give it 2 thumbs up! (Raleigh Times 8/2/16)

87. Visit Charleston (again), Dallas, Boston, Destin, Nashville, and New Orleans | As I mentioned before, I went to Charleston recently with Harrison, Anthony, and Sam! It is one of my absolute favorite cities and I was so excited to get back for a little weekend getaway. I'm so excited to try and check off some other cities on this list! I've been to Nashville (briefly) and Fort Worth (a suburb of Dallas), but I want to explore them further! (Charleston 7/29-31/16)

xx Taylor