Yesterday was one of those days where I felt perfectly, incandescently happy. 20 is a weird age, I've realized, where one minute it seems like you're actually figuring it out, then the next minute it feels like this:

World’s Funniest fail ouch falling jumping

In order to survive those ups and downs you have to develop a really good sense of humor and you have to learn that if you want to be happy, you just have to be. It is actually a choice you have to make and dedicate yourself to following through on.

Take yesterday, for example. First thing when I got to work, I burned my lip on my coffee and then somehow (don't ask how because I manage to do things that really make no sense) I splashed coffee in my eye. But I was exquisitely happy. I felt full of joy and hope and everything felt like it was going right.

Fast forward to this morning. I burned my finger on my straightner, then after my first class I got to work only to realize my favorite necklace had fallen off somewhere between my apartment and my first class, and finally, I still haven't gotten a text back on something I needed to hear about. Needless to say, I've been slightly more annoyed today.

I decided, however, as I set out to write this, that I just need to be happy. I just have to do it. College is really strange, y'all. You can literally experience every emotion on the spectrum in an average day. So at some point you have to decide to stop being pushed and pulled by the circumstances and situations and people around you and you have to be happy for yourself. Otherwise, you're going to have a really rough time.

In order to brighten my mood a little bit, I compiled some of my favorite things from the past week!

This song:

Reminiscing on Ireland

Good friends

My upcoming trip to Atlanta! 

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