Almost three months ago, I was on the receiving end of something completely unexpected and something that hurt a lot. Someone who I thought meant the world to me changed his mind and left me to pick up the pieces. I was angry and broken and I felt betrayed, like the last three years of my life meant nothing. But overall, I was afraid of being alone. I tried to make him stay to no avail. And that was the biggest blessing in disguise. I had spent a long time being defined by a relationship and I lost who I was. I was unhappy and everyone realized it but him. It wasn't healthy and I am at fault for not leaving. I was comfortable, so I stayed.

Being broken up with is the best thing to have happened to me in college. It forced me to grow and change. It pushed me into two years worth of growth that was just waiting to happen. It has been almost three months and I hardly recognize the person I was. So much has changed in my life since mid-August and it is absolutely terrifying and completely incredible. For once, I feel like I am happy with who I am becoming. I have made new friends; grown closer with people who I know will be around for the rest of my life; learned a lot about myself, who I want to be, and what I want to do; been more involved in organizations; and I have opened up some exciting new possibilities in my life.

Don't be afraid of change. Don't look at big, upsetting, or unfortunate events (like break ups) as the end of the world. You will survive, you will push on, you will change, you will grow. No, it's not the end. More often than not, it is a new beginning.

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