Tips for Studying

I don't know about y'all, but living at home and taking summer classes doesn't quite mix! Being around my family makes me want to talk and hang out, not work! I often find myself having to get out of the house to efficiently get work done. I often go to Starbucks a few miles from my house. There are certain things I make sure I do when I study outside of the house and I thought sharing them might be helpful for those of y'all who are in the same boat as me!

Make your to-do list before leaving the house | This will make sure you stay on task and keep checking things off your list! I could spend forever just making a to-do list, wasting time I could be spending on working. Getting your list out of the way beforehand ensures you make the most of your time.

Bring your study essentials | At this point, everyone probably has their go-to items for studying. Make sure you pack everything you need! I always bring with me the following items: notebook, pencil pouch, notepad with my to-do list, textbooks, water bottle, wallet (you know you're going to want to buy some coffee!), agenda, computer, charger for your computer and phone, headphones, and chapstick.

Put your phone away | This really goes for studying anywhere, but just put it away! It's a major distraction. Your friends won't miss you too much, I promise!

Set aside time to step away from your homework | Do whatever works for you. I usually stop for 10 minutes after every 50 of studying to do something else. I will read blogs, work on posts, scroll through Twitter, edit some photos. Anything to relax after staring at homework for almost an hour!

Budget time for each assignment | Staring at the same assignment for two hours won't get you far. If you work on it for thirty minutes or an hour or whatever works for you, start on something else. Stepping away and moving on to another assignment then coming back can help you look at it with a fresh mind, making you more productive!

Bring headphones | I kind of touched on this before, but it's a very important one to me! I get easily distracted by people talking and I often don't like the music playing in Starbucks. Bringing headphones and listening to my favorite study playlist really gets me motivated and focused.

What are your favorite study tips? Share below!

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